AvantFX and Why We Exist


This resource was created to assist would-be Forex traders in deciding on whether trading Forex as a hobby or for the generation of a full time income is an endeavour they would like to pursue.

I think that most people with access to any form of electronic media will have come across a stock chart or a live price board with flashing red and green text, whilst not quite understanding the relevance of what is being shown. Or maybe you’ve seen recent Blockbuster films and documentaries that portray the lives of stock brokers and floor traders and wondered what it is they’re actually doing.

Well I would like to try and clarify at least a small part of that question, focusing on Foreign Exchange and it’s relevance within the financial markets. The technology available to private individuals has improved dramatically over the years to allow anyone with a computer and an internet connection to place trades or purchase assets instantly, allowing you to take advantage of the real world events that impact upon the financial markets. And there is no better time to get involved than today.