Introducing MELISA

(M)ulti (E)ntry (L)ogic (I)nvestment & (S)avings (A)lgorithm

MELISA is a new generation EA or Expert Advisor which is able to place trades automatically into your Broker trading account.

What makes MELISA different from the countless other EAs that are in existance, and usually lead to substantial losses, is that it is programmed to trade independently without the use of grid or martingaling processes. This means that each potential trade is scrutinised by the algorithm to make sure it meets the trading parameters identified in its code before being executed.

Futhermore, the software is able to able to suggest lot sizes as well as set take profit and stop loss levels based upon your personal trading account size and appetite for risk.

What If It Was Possible To Make 500 Pips a Month On a Long Term Basis?

The beauty of MELISA that sets it apart from other EAs is its proven success over a stringent backtest covering more than 10 years of market data.

The backtest shows that a trading account opened in 2004 with starting capital of $1000 would have made over $100,000 in a 13 year period based upon trading mini lots. That in effect is a yearly ROI of 80% which out performs the majority of investment vehicles offered to clients by large Investment Firms.

And whilst a net gain of 500 pips a month is a long term average, the infographic below shows that MELISA is capable of outstanding performance in times of high market volatility such as the GFC of 2008, where a gain of over 8000 pips in a single month was obtained.


Expert Advisor (EA) Backtest


In addition to backtest data, MELISA is now live and its performance as well as its live trades can be monitored here.


 MELISA offers a week long free trial giving you time to evaluate the software.
Once your free trial is complete, you will be charged $49.99 per month on an ongoing basis.